Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Don't Get Cold Feet: 5 Tips For Selling Your Home During The Winter Season

by Luke Fields

If you've postponed selling your home during the winter months, you don't have to be challenged by cold and snowy weather. If you play it smart, you might find that selling your home during wintertime works to your advantage. There are several ways to prepare for a winter home sale. Keep the following tips in mind when showing your home in winter:

1. Winterize Your Home Beforehand

If you want to make a great cold-weather impression on prospective buyers, you need to winterize your home. This means obtaining an interior and exterior inspection. Have your chimney and fireplace inspected, repair or replace an old furnace, and clean the gutters. You might also want to replace those old, drafty windows with energy-efficient, insulated glass. Prospective buyers will also appreciate proper insulation in crawl spaces and attics, so consider this as well.

2. Clear the Way for Buyers

Are you preparing for an open house? Don't let wintertime snow pile up on the sidewalk or block the driveway. A prospective buyer will appreciate a clear path to your home and a convenient place to park. In addition, clear out leaves, debris, and dirty snow heaps near your entrance or driveway.

3. Create a Tasteful and Subtle Holiday-Inspired Home

If the holiday season is approaching, make your home seem welcome. It's probably not a good idea to go over the top with holiday decor, but you might want to adorn your home's exterior with a few inviting embellishments. Placing a a potted evergreen near the entryway and a holiday wreath on the front door can be aesthetically appealing. Garland on the stairway adds a nice touch as well.

4. Consider Mood-Enhancing Effects

A glowing fire in the living room or den will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Scented candles with wintry scents, such as pine, evergreen, peppermint, and cinnamon will also create that "homey" feel. Ambient indoor lighting creates warmth on a cold and blustery winter's day. You might place a spotlight in a darkened corner as well. Another way to make your home more inviting in winter is to be sure the thermostat is turned up and be sure all rooms are warm and toasty during a showing.

5. Offer Up Some Warm Munchies on a Bone-Chilling Day

Prepare your kitchen or dining room table with an attractive winter-themed place setting. Have a pot of hot cocoa on hand and some fresh baked gingerbread cookies. Place a tray of cinnamon buns fresh from the oven on the table. These little offerings will make your kitchen seem appealing and homey to a prospective buyer.

Remember, don't be left out in the cold this winter. This season can be an opportunistic time to sell your home


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