Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

The Benefits Of Hiring A Property Maintenance Company For Your Empty Lot

by Luke Fields

When you own an empty lot, you still want the lot to look nice so that someone will eventually buy it. If you do not have the time to keep the lot clean, tidy and looking its best, you could hire a property management company. These companies work in tandem with real estate agents to help maintain and sell properties, even those that are empty and devoid of buildings or homes.  Here are the benefits of hiring a property management company for an empty lot.

1. All Debris Is Removed Weekly

Empty lots have a way of collecting debris, usually in the form of garbage that blows into and onto your lot. The debris makes the lot look like a miniature landfill, which quickly turns would-be buyers off. The property maintenance crew cleans up all of this debris on a weekly basis and sets the debris curbside or on the edge of the road for garbage pickup, thus making your empty lot look much nicer.

2. All Grass Is Mowed Once or Twice a Week

If your empty lot has grass, the property maintenance crew typically mows it once or twice a week. This prevents the grass from getting too high. It also prevents the city or township from fining you and/or cutting the grass and adding a hefty grass-cutting fee to your property taxes on the lot. If it is particularly rainy and wet one week, the property maintenance crew may have to wait until the beginning of the following week to cut the grass, but they will make sure it is done.

3. All Brush Is Cut Monthly or Every Other Month

You may have a lot that has frequent trouble with brush, tall weeds that grow rapidly and need to be cut back. Usually, the property maintenance crews will cut this back monthly or every other month, depending on how quickly the brush grows. If the crew is out there cutting grass on a weekly basis, they can already determine how quickly they will need to cut brush.

4. Property Maintenance Crews Can Chase off Squatters, Homeless

The problem with many empty lots in the city and a few empty lots in the country is that homeless people or squatters try to live on them. With frequent visits from property maintenance crews, you do not have to worry about that. The crews can chase off squatters and homeless people so that your empty lot does not look like a campsite or a shanty town, both of which would be very off-putting to would-be buyers.

Contact a crew, like Choice  Maintenance Group LLC, for more help.


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