Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

3 Steps In The Mold Inspection Process

by Luke Fields

If your house has had some water damage, then there is the chance that you may have some mold hiding. Moisture is sneaky and get into a lot of different places, making it easy for you to miss getting some places clean, especially behind walls or in ceilings and floors. Mold may be hard for you to find, so you may not even know that you have it until it becomes a serious problem. If you are worried about mold, you can have a mold inspector come in and check everything over for you. You may wonder how they are going to inspect your house for mold, there are several things to be done to see if you have mold. 

Take a History

The first thing that the person who is testing your house for mold is going to do is talk to you about the history of the house. They are going to ask you if there has been water damage, where the damage was, and how severe the damage was. That will give them a good place to start checking for mold. 

Do a Visual Inspection

Once they have taken your house's history, it's time to start looking at your house. They will look at all the places where the water damage occurred to see if there is any visible mold on the accessible areas. The inspector may use something like a magnifying glass so that they can get a good close up look at places where mold may be. They may also use tools which will let the measure how humid your house is, as well as letting them see inside walls. 

Set Spore Traps

After the visual inspection, the inspector may also set some spore traps. This will catch the little spores that the mold puts out. Mold replicates itself by spewing out spores. Checking for spore activity in the area will let the inspector catch mold that isn't in accessible areas or that is just getting a foothold. It can also help the inspector track down what kind of mold you have. They can test it, find out what it is, and treat it appropriately. 

If you have had water damage, there is a risk that you may also have mold. Getting your house inspected for mold with a company like AccuPro Inspection Services will help you catch any problems before they get too bad. 


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Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

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