Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

How To Put A Positive Spin On Weird Features In Your Home And Sell It

by Luke Fields

When you want to sell your home, but you know that it has some weird or off-putting features, how can you make it better? How can you get buyers excited about buying your house when they notice something weird or unusual about it? Here is how you can put a positive spin on some weird features in a house and still sell it.

A Toilet in the Basement with No Privacy

Having an extra working toilet is always a benefit. However, a working toilet in the basement with NO walls for privacy is a little off-putting to buyers. If a buyer tours your home and comments on this fact, just tell them it is a basement bathroom in the making, and it would not take much to add walls and turn it into a powder room or a full second bath. Since plumbing for a toilet is the most complicated aspect of such a project, buyers could see this in a different light, but only if you frame it that way for them.

Seemingly Pointless Alcoves

Everyone has one- a space that is just there, with no real purpose other than to exist architecturally. If you have left your odd alcove bare, buyers might not see it as useful space. Instead, put a work table, desk, or crafting table here, add a floor lamp, and this seemingly pointless alcove becomes really useful to both you and the next owner of your house.

Doors That Go Nowhere

Usually, houses that have doors that go nowhere are trailer homes. These doors are built into the home during the manufacturing stage with the intent that the doors will eventually open to a basement. If you bought a trailer home and parked it on a slab foundation instead, simply sell the door as an opportunity to build another closet or another pantry space. Otherwise, the door could be promoted as an opportunity to add the basement, if the new owners want to lift the trailer home, excavate and pour a basement, and then set the trailer back down again.

Balconies with No Doors

Balconies with no doors are remnants from when the house actually had doors or stairs to these features. Inform the owners that they could easily place French doors to the balcony again or create stairs to the widow's walk if they wanted to. Adding on to a house is often easier, and it allows the new owners to enjoy the strange features left behind from another era.

Talk to your real estate agent from a place like RE/MAX INLAND EMPIRE to find out other ways to frame odd spaces to help sell your home. 


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Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

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