Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Selling Your Home The High Tech Way

by Luke Fields

Home selling is not what it used to be; the high tech revolution has managed to influence every aspect of our lives, and that includes real estate. If it's been some time since your last property for sale experience, you may be in need of a quick primer to get you up-to-date and tech savvy on new home marketing, selling, showing and closing practices. Read on to learn more.

Droning on and on.

This new toy may be fun, but when used for home marketing purposes it really shines. No ordinary video or photographs can possibly compare to the stunning shots that could be available using drone footage. From the air photographs used to only be available to those rich enough to hire a chopper or plane, but now using a drone makes showcasing your home from this aerial viewpoint affordable to all. Just imagine being able to show potential home buyers how close your home is to major shopping, employment or even the beach.

Keeping a virtual eye on your property.

Not everyone can reside in their homes while it's up for sale, and thanks to technology these absentee homeowners can keep an eye on everything from anywhere in the world. From security systems that allow remote viewing of cameras and alarm functions, to apps that allow continuous monitoring of heating and cooling systems, you can ensure that all is well in your home. Imagine being able to save money by keeping your air conditioning set for conservation, and then being able to adjust that temperature a few hours prior to a showing.

Controlled access to your home.

Real estate lock boxes are not new, but smart phones have cranked those old boxes up a notch. Now, you can see who has accessed your home and when, just by checking an app on your phone. What's more, you can, if you like, unlock and lock up your home from wherever you happen to be, making showings convenient and secure.

Sign on the dotted.....screen.

When the happy day finally comes, there's no need to fly home or make a long needless trip to your real estate closing. Thanks to new features from companies like DocuSign, you can digitally put your "John Hancock" on important real estate documents from afar. It's quick, it's convenient and it's perfectly legal.

For more specific information about these and other high tech home-selling helpers, speak to your Realtor. 


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Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Welcome to my website. My name is Larry Silva, and I want to talk a bit about private mortgage insurance. You may have heard the term PMI mentioned when you were in the process of purchasing real estate. When I first heard my lender talking about PMI, I was very confused. It was my realtor who sat me down and explained what private mortgage insurance was and when someone is required to purchase it. He told me that PMI is not lifelong insurance; it can be cancelled when the mortgage principal balance reaches a certain point. Once it was explained to me, private mortgage insurance was no longer a mystery or a confusing concept. I would like to pass on what I learned and hope that you find it to be of value.