Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

3 Tips For Getting Creative With Your Open House

by Luke Fields

As a general rule, and unfortunately, open houses can be a hit or miss. They may work to your advantage and they may not. It is for that reason that some homeowners and real estate agents actually choose not to even mess with open houses anymore. However, it is better to host an open house than to not have one at all because you will almost always entice someone to put in an offer on the home. Hopefully, with these few creative tips, your open house will be more of a hit than a miss:

Tip #1: Grab Attention with Outside Refreshments.

While you could stand at the door and holler at people as they drive by to get their attention to stop by your open house, it is better to grab their attention with a different type of strategy: food. Who doesn't enjoy refreshments? Many people tend to offer refreshments inside the open house in the form of cheese platters, fruit baskets, and other traditional items. Go above and beyond this by being unique and consider food carts or trucks in the driveway: an ice cream cart, a hot dog stand, a latte truck, or a taco truck.

Tip #2: Donate to a Charity.

At many open houses, there are raffles where gift certificates are offered. Rather than doing the same old, same old, why not consider changing things up a bit and partnering with a local or even national charity? You can hold a raffle and inform your guests that all proceeds will be donated to the specific charity. Alternatively, if you don't want to solicit donations from your open house guests, you can simply have visitors sign a card with their name and e-mail address and you can donate a specific dollar amount for each individual. The e-mail addresses can be used to let everyone know how much money was donated.

Tip #3: Give Out Appreciation Favors.

Who doesn't love to receive a gift? Appreciation favors that have your brand name and contact information on it are the perfect way for open house visitors and potential buyers to remember you once they leave. If they don't buy the house that they just visited, they will at least have something that may help them think of you if they decide they want a realtor to help them locate a house. Appreciation gifts can include pens, notebooks, calendars, etc. If you don't want to go that far because of budget reasons, you should at least create a packet with information about the property. 


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Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

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