Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

5 Must-Have Features When Shopping For Cayman Homes

by Luke Fields

The Cayman Islands is a beautiful location that often acts as a vacation destination along with an ideal place to have a full-time residence. When browsing through Cayman homes for sale with companies like IRG International Realty Group Ltd, there are vast differences between the luxurious island options and American homes. If you're looking for beauty, relaxation, and luxury, there are multiple features that you should consider with every home you look through.

The following five features will enhance the home you have, make living a lot easier, and complete the Cayman island experience.

Private Beach Property & Access

One of the many benefits in choosing an island home is the access to private beaches. A private beach is like your own piece of luxury. There are no tourists, crowded areas, and you always have a spot to lay out. Not only does a private beach give you the privacy, but it also comes with the ability to customize the area. For example, you can set up a permanent hammock, install beach games like volleyball, or have your own fire pit.

Even if the home you purchase does not have back door beach property, you can easily find a home with beach access. A golf cart, bike ride, or walk will get you to the beach area where you will either have your private land or a small area that is shared by multiple residents.

Outdoor Showers & Swimming Pools

Swimming the ocean is one thing, but there are limits due to mother nature and weather changes. With a personal pool, you can have more control over the waters that you swim in. Due to the warm weather, there are multiple possibilities and advantages to having an outdoor water area.

  • Outdoor Showers: An outdoor shower allows you to rinse salt water off after leaving the ocean. You can prevent sand from getting tracked into the home and enjoy the shower on a nice warm day.
  • Lighted Pools: Have ability to swim at night without worrying about high tides or hidden sea creatures. A lighted pool can make the water clear and easy to see.
  • Heated Pools: Water temperature control will make swimming comfortable. A hot tub is also another option for those seeking warm water at their Cayman home.
  • Fresh Water: Instead of using salt water, fresh water pools can provide a different swimming experience. There are many pros and cons to choosing a freshwater pool, including the chemicals and care for the pool equipment.

Island Amenities

When choosing an island home, you are also choosing a community to live in. Many island communities, especially gated ones, will come with a collection of amenities that are an increased benefit to your home. A lot of these amenities will make your island life a lot easier and more enjoyable.

  • Food Delivery: Gain access to a food delivery service so you can enjoy your home as much as possible. The food delivery includes restaurant meals long with fresh groceries from around the islands.
  • Golf Cart Rentals: Easily access different areas of the island with complimentary golf cart rentals. Many islands are so small that a golf cart is easier to travel on than a car.
  • Water Activity Gear: Use all types of water gear like snorkeling equipment, surf boards, fishing equipment, or small boats. The variety of gear depends on exactly what the community has to offer.
  • Transport Boats: A transport boat can help you get off the island to access airports for travel or trips to other islands in the Cayman area. This is a great service that can help save a lot of money and time.

Solid Floors

Solid floor surface areas are the best for a home in Cayman islands. When you ave an airy and open home, it's easy for dirt and sand to get inside. A solid surface floor like stone or marble will be easy to clean and sweep. The surface also adds an elegant touch to all types of homes.

Barbecue Area

With nice weather almost all year round, a home in the Cayman Islands wouldn't be complete without a luxurious barbecue area. Cooking outdoors allows you to still enjoy the beach view while making all types of meats and foods. An ideal barbecue area would have a large grill with multiple levels, side burners for cooking in pots, and some counter space to help prepare or serve food.

Both electric and gas grills are easy to connect and keep running on your island home.

When contacting real estate workers, ask about all the extras that a home has. The more detailed information you find, the easier it will be to choose the home of your dreams.


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