Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Three Ways To Expand Your Small Landscaping Business

by Luke Fields

If you're running a small landscaping business, and are looking to expand and grow your company, then you have probably been brainstorming. It can be difficult to figure out how to move your business from a small operation where you most likely micromanage everything, to one where you delegate tasks, or tackle large projects that you might not normally be accustomed to doing. So, with that said, here are a few things you might consider doing.

Sub-Contact Out Smaller Jobs Or Hire On Extra Help

If you're going to be busy looking to score larger jobs, then you will need to spend time making contacts, pitching your company, and getting the materials and equipment necessary to do the bigger jobs. What this means is that you can't do many of the small jobs that you are used to doing. Be it weeding, mowing a lawn, or raking leaves, you simply won't have the time to do all of the nitty gritty stuff that you built your company by doing. So, you have two solutions. The first is to hire on some extra help. This might be advantageous if you do envision needing extra people in the future, and you most likely will if your company grows. The other solution is to subcontract the work out. The only problem here is that you need to be sure the group you are using does not go behind your back and try and get the job from the homeowner or business. So, if you want to avoid legal contracts and duplicity, hiring a part time employee might be the way to go.

Don't Let Winter Be A Down Time: Get A Plow

If you are in the landscaping business you might think that winter is a down time where there is no work. But it doesn't have to be that way. Just because there are not lawns to mow, or trees to tend to, it doesn't mean there is no work to be done. The big work lies in the snow. And if you get a snow plow or a snow plow attachment for your truck, then you can be busy all winter. You could even contract with the same homeowners and business people whose stores you tend to during the summer/spring/fall seasons and offer to plow their lots. Many people find it attractive to have the same person do all the work, instead of having to deal with two separate companies, so they might even switch to you if they already have a different plow company.

Source Big Machines At Construction Equipment Auctions

If you're looking to do bigger projects, such as major landscaping design including excavation and soil grading, you will need to get some big machines. While it might be intimidating to look at the retail prices on these items in the catalogues, remember that you can always hit a construction equipment auction, like ROD FIVECOAT AUCTIONS. You can find a real bargain on a machine such as a backhoe, which is absolutely crucial for a landscaper who is looking to do big projects. With this, you can offer your service to people looking to install french drains, grade soil, move large decorative boulders around the property, and countless other things that would be impossible if you didn't have a major piece of construction equipment.


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Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

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