Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Showings May Occasionally Be A Nuisance, But Don't Do These Things

by Luke Fields

When you're trying to list houses for sale, it's likely that you'll develop a love/hate relationship with showings. Having to tidy and then vacate your home for an hour or so, often with not much notice, can be a little disruptive — but you'll have to get used to this process if you want to sell. While prospective buyers may attend open houses, they'll also want to book at least one private showing before they decide to submit an offer. How you handle showing requests can impact your ability to sell. Even if they're a little bit of a hassle, don't do these things with your showings:

Push Off The Showing Date

When your real estate agent calls to check your availability for a showing, the implication is that the prospective buyer wants to visit soon. You may deter the buyer, however, buy pushing your availability several days away. For example, if it's Monday when your agent contacts you, and you indicate that you can't have the house ready until Saturday, this is news that the buyer won't want to hear. More than likely, he or she is hoping to get in to see the house either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Fail To Tidy Up

Just as you want to tidy your home before an open house, the place should be in tidy fashion before you leave for a showing. Sometimes, a showing will be scheduled with relatively short notice, which may compel you to think, "It's short notice — the buyer will understand that the house is a mess." While an untidy house won't necessarily derail the sale, it can be a distraction to the buyer and even send a message that you aren't taking the process of selling your home seriously.

Stay At Home

Some sellers who feel inconvenienced by a scheduled showing will tell their agent that the showing can take place, but that they need to stay at home during it. This is a bad plan, even if you aren't going to interact with the buyer. Simply put, buyers don't want sellers to be present, and a buyer may feel uncomfortable as a result. This can cause the buyer to speed up the showing process and, unless he or she is greatly enamored with the house, an offer may not be forthcoming. Consult your real estate agent for other advice on managing your showings so that they help your efforts to sell your home.


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Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

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