Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Thinking Of Moving To A Senior Apartment? Factors You Should Think About When Selecting A Complex

by Luke Fields

Once your kids leave the nest and you have retired from your job, you may be thinking about selling your home and downsizing your lifestyle. Living in a senior apartment ensures you don't have a yard to take care of, a house to maintain, or a large space that is mostly empty to clean, heat, and cool. But before you sign a lease, there are a few key factors that you should consider when you are picking a senior apartment. Here are some of the factors to look for as you tour and look at senior apartment complexes. 

The Amenities That the Complex Offers

One of the key factors that you need to consider when selecting a senior apartment complex is what amenities the complex has to offer. Many complexes offer amenities that you would find standard in most apartment complexes, such as pools and laundry facilities. Some senior facilities step up the amenity game and offer things that may appeal to seniors, such as bingo night or card game night at the clubhouse, arranged rides to medical facilities, or water aerobics classes. Always learn what amenities are offered and if it is something that appeals to you. 

Safety Features in the Apartment

Another important element to consider as you look at senior apartments is what safety features are in place within the apartment. For example, the shower may have handlebars to help you steady yourself when you are getting clean, or doorways and halls may be wider to accommodate a walker or wheelchair. This is something you should consider even if you have no health concerns or problems now, as you never know when you may need these extra safety features. 

What the Rules Are for Younger Guests

The last factor that you need to carefully consider when you are moving to a senior apartment is what the rules are for hosting younger guests. This is especially important if your children or grandchildren come to visit you and stay with you. Many complexes limit the length of time that those who are under the age for the senior apartment rules, such as 55 or 65, can remain in the apartment. For example, your grandchildren may only be able to stay one week with you at one complex and a month at another. Always do your research and ensure that the timelines for guests will not be an inconvenience for you or your family when selecting a complex. 

Moving from a home to a senior apartment complex can be a big change, but for many seniors, it's a welcome one. Taking the time to select the perfect senior apartment complex for you can help make the change a bit easier and ensure you love your new living situation. 


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