Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

The 6 Features Modern Luxury Home Buyers Want To See

by Luke Fields

As it often goes, what constitutes "luxury" when it comes to homes can change and evolve over the years. What was once considered a luxury single-family home several decades ago would seem outdated by modern-day standards for a lot of buyers. Whether you are in the middle of buying your own luxury home or working with a real estate agent to sell the one you have, it can be helpful to know what features are most desirable. Here is a look at six features most luxury home buyers are looking for now. 

1. Smart Technology 

From the security system to the lighting, smart technology has made its way into everyday life at home, and luxury buyers expect to see these features. Technology simplifies life and makes everyday tasks convenient, but can also up the security attributes of a luxury home, which has always been highly important to buyers. 

2. Efficiency 

Luxury homes may be larger, but modern-day buyers want efficiency just the same. Buyers like the idea of having the extra living space and not having to spend a lot to keep it up. Likewise, most luxury home buyers prefer to keep their impact on the environment as low as possible.

3. Prime Location 

Location has always been key for the luxury home market. But the modern-day buyer is even more persistent about finding the best location. The most decorated home in the wrong location may not attract any interest. 

4. Outdoor Entertainment 

Entertaining has moved to the outdoors more over the last decade than ever. The modern luxury home shopper is going to want to see an outdoor kitchen, a nice patio or detached awning, and multiple points for entertaining and entertainment. 

5. True Suites 

Bedrooms are more than a place to sleep when it comes to luxury single-family homes. Buyers want to see all-out suites, which can include amenities like: 

  • A dressing closet
  • Built-in vanities or dressing tables 
  • Balcony access 
  • Suite-style bathroom with a tub and a shower 

6. Decked-Out Kitchen 

A wine fridge, warming drawers, a walk-in pantry — these are things most luxury home buyers want to see. Kitchens have evolved substantially over the years to be both accommodating and convenient; buyers expect this to the highest degree in a home with a luxury designation. 

Any luxury home can boast features an ordinary house cannot. However, certain features are most attractive to the modern buyer. If you are looking to buy or sell a luxury single-family home, reach out to a real estate agent in your area for help. 


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