Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

What It's Really Like To Live Near A Bay

by Luke Fields

If you're looking at homes in Bay Colony, you need to understand what it's like to live near the bay and near the shore in general. Living near the water, particularly by the ocean, is a dream for many. But if you haven't lived near the shore, a bay, or a harbor before, you might not realize what it can actually entail. It can be a great place to live once you know what it's like.

Potentially More Activity

Living near the beach or a bay can potentially result in more physical activity for you. Walks along the beach, strolling down a boardwalk, swimming, and more are all available to you, and you're just walking distance away. You could find that the sun and sea encourage you to get outside and move more, giving you more chances to get exercise. This is a great benefit of living near the ocean. 

The Effects of Salty Air

You will have to deal with the effects of salty air. Even if you're in a place like Bay Colony, where you're close to but not directly on the beach, you'll see effects because you are close enough to get that salty air even when it's not that windy out. Salty air can affect vehicles, so be sure to take your car in for service a little more often to be sure the salt and changing humidity levels aren't causing issues. It can also affect your home and landscaping. The home should be built to better withstand salty air, but you may want to ask neighbors what they've encountered.

Ready for Different Wildlife?

Most urban dwellers have to deal with squirrels and other small wildlife; if you move into the suburbs, then coyotes and raccoons could be in the mix. Move by the water, and now you're looking at seagulls, crabs, and other water-based wildlife, depending on your exact location. Seagulls are notorious for swiping food, so ask neighbors if they've had to deal with that, and if so, what steps they took to ward off the birds.

Boats! Jet Skis! Paddleboards!

Neighborhoods like Bay Colony often have little inlets throughout the neighborhoods. You could see private docks in front of homes or find that the inlet near your home connects to waterways used by smaller boats, jet skis, and more. When you buy your home, ask about the type of activity allowed on the water there. Maybe it's for those private boats only, but it could also see paddle boarders pass by, or even jet skis. This can increase the noise level for you, so you really want to be sure you know what you're buying.

You Might Feel Happier

While bays don't usually have the wave action that a typical beach would see, you're still near water, and still close enough to those beaches that you could walk to see those waves. Overall, that can help you feel better in general as being near the water itself is often a mood-booster. This is a real phenomenon called "blue mind," and it can reduce stress. Over time, it can improve your overall quality of life and how you feel about your life in general.

A home in Bay Colony gives you quick access to the water and all its benefits while living in an upscale, well-built home. A real estate agent can show you listings and keep you informed about when homes might be up for sale.

Contact a local real estate agent to learn more about Bay Colony homes for sale.


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