Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

  • Recommendations To Prepare For An Upcoming Home Appraisal

    The increase in property values across the country has been a setback for those looking to buy their first home. But if you already own a home, you can benefit from these increases with a boost in your home's value to help you refinance your mortgage or borrow against some of its equity.  However, to take advantage of your home's equity growth, you will need to hire a professional appraisal on your home to evaluate its value based on many different factors, including its condition and appearance.

  • What You Want To See Before You Buy An NNN Property

    Commercial properties that use NNN leases can be good investments if the tenants uphold their parts of the lease. For those looking to buy NNN properties and who are not used to dealing with them, there's a temptation to jump on whatever seems like a good deal. And with tenants paying for most of the costs, any NNN building can initially seem like a dream — you get the rent while the tenants worry about property taxes and repairs.

  • Recommendations To Help You Search For The Right Single-Family Home To Use As A Rental Property

    Buying a single-family home in your area is a great method to start out in the rental property business and build equity and earn cash flow on your investment. But before you choose the first single-family home that you would like as your own, be sure that you consider what types of features and benefits make a good rental property. Here are some recommendations to help you find the right rental property to buy as an investment.

  • 3 Tips For Buying A Vacation Home

    If you want a place to get away from daily life, a vacation home may be just the thing. There are many reasons why a vacation home can be a good idea. Vacation homes are an excellent option if you frequently vacation in the same location. Vacation properties can also be excellent Investments. While there are many benefits to purchasing a vacation home, there are also a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Benefits Of Choosing A New Senior Apartment Complex

    Seniors have some unique housing needs that will have to be met if they are to maintain a high quality of life while also being safe. In this regard, there are apartment complexes that are designed with the needs of senior residents in mind. Provide Better Accessibility Many seniors will have a range of health problems that could limit their mobility. For these individuals, living in an apartment complex that is designed to maximize accessibility can be necessary for them to make full use of the property and the amenities.

  • About Me

    Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance?

    Welcome to my website. My name is Larry Silva, and I want to talk a bit about private mortgage insurance. You may have heard the term PMI mentioned when you were in the process of purchasing real estate. When I first heard my lender talking about PMI, I was very confused. It was my realtor who sat me down and explained what private mortgage insurance was and when someone is required to purchase it. He told me that PMI is not lifelong insurance; it can be cancelled when the mortgage principal balance reaches a certain point. Once it was explained to me, private mortgage insurance was no longer a mystery or a confusing concept. I would like to pass on what I learned and hope that you find it to be of value.